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Adam Dinwoodie, P. Eng. Chief Executive Officer




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With 20 years of industrial experience in a variety of settings, Adam is unmatched in his ability to project manage. Trained as a Agricultural and Bioresource Engineer, Adam soon transitioned from design engineer to project management and oversaw many multimillion dollar projects.


Adam formed ClayLOK in 2013 after seeing a need to fix the failing infrastructure in North America. Through his vision of thorough engineering design and use of a reliable product, ClayLOK has grown to provide great engineering and cost effective solutions.

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It takes more than gravel, sand, and clay to build a durable road. It takes people with fresh ideas and the ability to adapt to change. It takes people looking to challenge the conventional road design techniques to find more cost effective, efficient, and long lasting solutions.


Utilizing a team from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets, we use a collaborative and team based approach in all our designs. We take pride in each design from start to end. We carefully select project teams based on individual expertise and experience as it relates to each project.


Unlike other stabilization firms and organizations, we want to be more than an installer; we want to support your road to ensure long-term success in the future. At ClayLOK, we pride ourselves in our involvement with our clients during the design, install, and maintenance phases of a ClayLOK®.

Our team is made up of engineers, installation technicians, and soil lab technicians each from a variety of backgrounds. We are always looking for new ways to innovate and improve our services. 

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