ClayLOK® Roadways 


 ClayLOK® is a liquid chemical additive that reacts with the clay minerals within the soil. By stabilizing the clay minerals, a durable and hard road surface is created. The ClayLOK® solution is fully biodegradable and it can increase carrying capacity up to 10 times more than an untreated road.


At ClayLOK, we have more than a dependable product. ClayLOK® works to its full potential when properly designed, mixed, applied, and maintained. We go the extra mile to ensure the best design, implementation, and maintenance procedure is appropriate for your surface needs.



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Our team of qualified technicians and engineers follow a thorough site evaluation and soil testing procedure to determine the conditions on site. Each site will contain different amounts of clay, sand, and silt, which is crucial in determining the proper design. Our team will work with the client to determine the role the roadway will play in the future, assess the necessary objectives, and determine the design.


We believe that proper, rigorous testing ensures a great surface. After testing, our engineers and technicians work to create a surface to suit your needs. Each aspect of the road is tailored for the client; from rock size for traction, to thickness for load capacity, our team is equipped to design the perfect surface. 


If both ClayLOK and the client are happy with the design, installation is ready to proceed. Variables such as temperature, moisture, and wind dramatically affect the installation process. ClayLOK’s experts and technicians are on site for the entirety of the construction process to ensure the proper method is followed, and to adjust the installation based on changing daily conditions. 


Post installation analysis is produced for the client to ensure quality control. A chemical residue analysis and strength achievement results are determined to ensure the proper design was met. 


We believe you should be in charge of maintaining your road in the interest of saving you time and money. Before leaving a site, our team of experts offer training and documentation to your operators and technicians to fully equip them with the tools and confidence to properly maintain the surface in future years.



At ClayLOK we are transparent when it comes to minor road failures and the likelihood that they occur. Without excessive and expensive testing, it is nearly impossible to predict the soil underneath every inch of the road. Failures are often few and far, but frustrating when they happen. We do not walk away from failed roads, but rather offer our four-season (1 Year) warranty on all ClayLOK® surfaces.

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