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Surface After Installation

Surface Subject to Approximately 50,000 vehicles

October 2014

Surface Subject to over 1,300,000 vehicles

Surface After Maintenance

July 2015



They say that a great tool is only as good as the person using it, and that is true for ClayLOK®. When utilized effectively, ClayLOK® has a variety of desirable properties including:


  • Affordable:

Since we often utilize the soil already in place, time and money is saved by not hauling additional fill in. The installation process is quick and efficient, and requires few machines and workers. Clay gravels are also often easy to find and a cost effective fill material in comparison to other roadway techniques. Overall ClayLOK's® Ionic Stabilization solution can save clients up to 40 percent on their road development costs.


  • Biodegradable:

ClayLOK® separates itself from concrete and lime by not relying on a residual product. ClayLOK® is biodegradable in 60 days and poses no risk to the environment.


  • Customizable:

Different rock mix can be applied to serve a variety of purposes. For instance, rough surfaces perform well with large loads and winter traffic and can be achieved through use of larger gravel.


  • Low Maintenance:

A typical well-used road requires maintenance once in the spring and once in the fall due to the durability and strength of the treated soil saving time and money in the future. 


  • Dust Reduction:

ClayLOK® roads produce virtually no dust behind vehicles, which significantly improves the safety of travellers on the road and eliminates costs associated with dust reducing products.


  • Improved Tire Life

Less wear on tires due to the smooth driving surface improves tire life.


  • Easy Removal

Removing an ClayLOK® road once it has served it purpose is as easy as breaking up the compacted slab into larger chunks and then pulverizing them with a disk. The topsoil can then be replaced as though the road was never there.


  • Excellent Base for Asphalt

ClayLOK® stabilized asphalt roads provide an excellent driving surface and years of maintenance free service. 

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