ClayLOK completed a 19km mine heavy haul road southwest of Bethune, SK, in the fall of 2014. The road was subject to some of the heaviest traffic in Saskatchewan. Two evaporator units, which were the heaviest load ever in Saskatchewan, weighed in at 208 617 kg (Shown top right). They were transported from Melville to the mine site along our CLK ClayLOK stabilized road



Another load, a crystallizer weighing in at 140 000kg (or approximately 60 elephants), was transported from Saskatoon to the mine site along the ClayLOK®.


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From the installation in November to the spring of 2015 it has been estimated that 1.5 million trips have travelled down the ClayLOK® without any maintenance required.

Surface of Americhem
Packer Americhem
Americhem Surface

Potash Mine Heavy Haul Road

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